Hours and fees



Current as of September 2018

£3.96 per hour for children over 2 years old

£4.50 per hour for children under 2 years old


An explanation of nurseries hours, days and pricing structure

  • Our opening hours are 8am-5pm we may be able to open earlier or later should it be required.
  • We are open the equivalent of 49 weeks a year.
  • We close for 6 days at Christmas, 6 days at Easter and the 3 Bank Holidays in May and August.
  • Unlike most nurseries, you will not be charged for these days and your free early years funding is not used during this time.
  • If your child doesn’t attend the sessions you have asked for you will still be invoiced for them. No refunds can be given
  • Children who receive funding can ‘stretch’ their early year’s funding to 12 or 24 hours a week over 49 weeks rather than 15 or 30 they get over 38 term time weeks.
  • Any hours after this will be charged at £3.96 per hour (funding is only available for children over 2 years old).
  • You may choose to book a place for 38 weeks a year which is the same as a school year
  • If your older children have different school holidays to ours we may be able to match ours with theirs for you.
  • If you are eligible you will still receive 15 or 30 hours free early years funded hours a week. This means the first 15/30 hours a week will be free.
  • Any hours after this will be charged at £3.96 per hour
  • all hours for under 2’s are charged at £4.40 per hour
  • There are no sessions hours you can book to bring and collect your child at any time during our opening hours.
  • You will be invoiced for your chosen hours in advance every week. Fees should still be paid at least a week in advance
  • There will be no deposit or registration charge or any other hidden fees.

Amount of sessions.

We usually suggest children attend at least 6 hours a week. We feel children who attend less than this find it very difficult to settle into our routine. However, we will take children for fewer hours if needed.

Funded places.

On the term, after your child’s 3rd birthday (and in some cases where parents meet certain financial criteria after the child’s 2nd birthday) you will be entitled to 15 hours a week or 30 hours depending on circumstances.

Working family tax credits

If you work and claim working family tax credits, you may be able to claim some of your childcare fees back. Contact their office to ask for details.

Childcare Vouchers.

We accept work based childcare vouchers. If your employers run such schemes please ask Catherine for more information.

Other funding.

Occasionally parents at college, university or attending other training can receive grants towards childcare (from their place of training or education not from nursery) Catherine is happy to discuss this with you if your place of study says you qualify.